Snapchat is one of the pioneers of mobile content, and has grown exponentially in the last 4 years since inventing the made-for-mobile videos. With an expanding slate of original series, we saw an opportunity to develop a cohesive visual system that could also grow with the brand.

As an art director of the Snapchat content team, I worked closely with the marketing team and partnered up with Zoar Creative to develop the visual branding system for Snap Originals. Our collective challenge was to create a system that was new and exciting but still identifiable and cohesive to the parent company Snap.

We created a logo that emphasizes a new way of experiencing storytelling. The vertical frame is being projected to imply that the show content is “bigger” than the mobile device that is housing the shows. Created for a mobile experience, this Projection identity system is built to move and is as versatile as the brand itself. It not only houses the content but reflects its spirit, energy and heightened perspective. 

Over the course of 3 months, we worked together to strategize, ideate, refine and implement the Projection. Our partnership yielded visual toolkits, content spots and brand guidelines, OOH installations, and the dynamic launch video.

In addition to the development of the brand, I've directed, designed, and managed the creation of over 150 assets that went into this launch, from show posters, show gfx package, to show lenses (an immersive augmented reality experience attached to the show). Read more about this launch here.

“With its new content push, Snap doesn’t want to just duplicate TV shows or Netflix binges, though. For whatever position its stock might be in, Snap wants to do something more ambitious: Push the medium of storytelling forward, leveraging its AR breakthroughs and social platform to do so.”

-Fast Company