In 2017 fall, Snap undertook a mad dash to redesign Snapchat in just 6 weeks.

The redesign was intended to return the company to fast growth and encourage more candid sharing among groups of close friends while moving professionally produced content into a separate part of the app. 

But the public weren’t thrilled with the update; it sparked outcry from users and ultimately led to the company’s first-ever decline in daily active users. 

Cheetah was the internal code name for Snapchat’s redesign, derived from the speed with which the Snap team developed the project, which, looking back, Snap's CEO Evan Spiegel called “rushed.”

I was tasked to design the Cheetah sweater that was given to 3000+ Snap employees across the world as a small token of appreciation for the way everyone came together through Snap's most challenging and transformational year. 


Hover over the image to find the hidden ghost 


“Out of all our Snap swag, it's the sweatshirt I am most proud to wear.”

-Evan Spiegel