As a lead art director and designer, I worked closely with the Snap Games executive to manage and lead the creative production and branding of Snap Games - Snapchat’s new gaming platform - from logo design to bumper animation.  


The task, "design a logo with rocket/spaceship," was simple yet challenging. The challenge was creating a unique spaceship icon that looked the part of a spaceship while also having it stand out from the typical spaceship iconographies common in the gaming industry. 

Google image search results for rockets...spaceships...yawn...

After rounds of ideations and sketches, we've landed on the spaceship design that was inspired by the iconic shape of Snapchat's "send" button. And with the hint of Snapchat's ghostface chillah silhouette integrated in the cockpit, we had our simple, yet uniquely memorable final Snap Games icon.

Snapchat's Send Button

Snap Games Icon

Once we had the shape of our icon, we made additional design decisions to further bring in Snap's brand voice into this sub-brand.
We implemented the "Snapchat yellow to Snapchat blue" gradient, as seen on "Snap Originals" icon. We also integrated the "Snap Originals" font Flama Condensed as the typographical choice for the wordmark to create brand consistency.

Final Snap Games Bumper Animation

Snap Games
AR Lens

Snap Games​ branding and bumper animation was first revealed at Snap's keynote event, Snap Partner Summit. Our Snap Games branding and dynamic bumper animation further enhanced the entertainment value and visual aesthetic of the Snapchat brand as a whole and helped the ​Snap Games ​receive widespread press attention upon release.